Episode 8: Adam Santoni and Janel are not going to Grad School.

Let’s talk about change, first of all, I just changed the temperamental lime green on all my podcast design materials to a more stable, soft, and web-safe olive green. Similarly, Adam Santoni is about to trade regular every day Kalamazoo life for an exciting, unknown,  and possibly whole foods-y life in Milwaukee, WI. We talk about this as well as Ice Cream3rd shiftBath SaltsSacagawea, and a few questions from The Hollywood Reporter in an exceedingly enjoyable 2 hours and 4 minutes.

It is good to mix it up (with colors and otherwise), and admit to your mistakes, so with that I am adding a new permanent section to each episode description called: “Janel Admits She Was Wrong” for all the time I presume and presume too much.

Episode 8: Janel Admits She Was Wrong

  1. Janel knows nothing at all about Sacagawea.
  2. Green Bay Packers are named after Meat Packers, not box packers.

Episode 7: Sam Hartman and Janel care so much.

First we make you hungry, then we make you angry. Sit, stand, walk or jog for a three course podcast-meal starting off with an appetizer chat of Baking Shows & Condiments, a meaty entree of Body IssuesSyrian RefugeesInternet Trolls, & the Patriarchy, and finally we top it all off with a nice helping of Sam’s loud shitty child.

Inaccuracy notice: I state near the end that the majority of the US population is non-white, this is not correct, however the statistics are trending in that direction.

Episode 6: Jake Davis, Andrew Naumann, and Janel create the TV show “Space Moms”

This super delightful episode features not one but TWO Best Friends: Jake Davis and Andrew Naumann. We get to some important questions about what we love, lost, fear & desire. We also have a less important chat about nipples. Other Topics covered? GhostsAirplane ProblemsMorning Rituals & Vomit Stories.

Episode 5: Jarad Selner and Janel want to try dog cocaine.

I’m going to pre-emptively thank you (the listener) for listening to this episode.  I am so happy people are willing to listen to me shoot-the-shit for an hour and a half with some of the most interesting people in my life. Speaking of interesting people, this fifth episode features the venerable Jarad Selner: local business owner, musician extraordinaire & all around cool guy.

We go deep into bad musicalsUber for guitarsAmerica’s unfortunate past, and Wild Hogs.

Episode 4: Ina Foster-Goodrich convinces Janel that dolphins are terrifying.

After a long hiatus its time to jump back into the world of Janel’s Best Friends. Let’s blame the break on a combination of post-election depression and seasonal affective disorder. It took Best Friend Ina Foster Goodrich to bust Janel out of the podcast-less blues. Listen for lively discussions of dental hygienedog adoption dolphin fears, and Caillou.

Episode 3: Roux Patterson and Janel make up four stories.

This week is a little different! Instead of talking about all the bad things going on in the world, Janel and Roux play a silly story make-em-up game. Using “Rory’s Story Cubes” Janel and Roux improvise four very weird stories.

Half way through the episode Janel realizes she can try to give the characters voices, and it gets weirder. If you want to take your mind off of your problems, this is one way to do that.

Episode 2: Taylor Reschka and Janel predict the future.

Taylor and Janel met while they both performed Stand Up comedy, neither have done it in months. Listen to these two happy people rationalize quitting (or pausing) live comedypredict the future of baseball, and discuss racist statues.

Episode 1: Liz Montgomery lets Janel talk the whole time.

Pour yourself a glass of cheap wine and enjoy this episode of Janel’s Best Friends, featuring Liz Montgomery. She is a social worker and an all around good person. Such a good person that she lets Janel spend most of the time talking about herself. Janel is still getting the hang of this whole “host” thing.

Topics covered? Its a gab session with talks of winecoming of age storiesfirst kisses, and personal acceptance.