Episode 8: Adam Santoni and Janel are not going to Grad School.

Let’s talk about change, first of all, I just changed the temperamental lime green on all my podcast design materials to a more stable, soft, and web-safe olive green. Similarly, Adam Santoni is about to trade regular every day Kalamazoo life for an exciting, unknown,  and possibly whole foods-y life in Milwaukee, WI. We talk about this as well as Ice Cream3rd shiftBath SaltsSacagawea, and a few questions from The Hollywood Reporter in an exceedingly enjoyable 2 hours and 4 minutes.

It is good to mix it up (with colors and otherwise), and admit to your mistakes, so with that I am adding a new permanent section to each episode description called: “Janel Admits She Was Wrong” for all the time I presume and presume too much.

Episode 8: Janel Admits She Was Wrong

  1. Janel knows nothing at all about Sacagawea.
  2. Green Bay Packers are named after Meat Packers, not box packers.

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