Episode 18: Drew Bremer and Janel are being sued, for having too much fun!

Drew and Janel have the wit and candor that can only be described as “those two people are the bar talking loudly but are very funny and have on more than one occasion had to tell an interested stranger to BUTT OUT.” But now, you lucky listeners, get to BUTT IN.

Back in the fall of 2016 Drew Bremer was supposed to be the inaugural guest of Janel’s Best Friends. Due to unforeseen circumstances this conversation did not get to take place until Spring 2018 and now it is finally available to you, the humble listener.

Enjoy this gleeful chat on Bad Premises, Many “Intellectual” Thought Experiments, and The Origins of Drew Beer. It’s riff-city, baby.

Episode 17: Olivia Vogds and Janel start a glass piano moving company.

AAANNNDDD WE’RE BACK. After a long hiatus I am finally posting the first of 3 episodes recorded last spring. I’m honestly so jealous of you guys since you get to be introduced to one of the most delightful human beings on the planet today, Olivia Vogds.  If a sunflower had human form it would Olivia Vogds, which is fitting, since she works at a flower shop.

We effortlessly transition between topics of Moving Pianos, Opinions on Flowers, Celebrity Interactions and Apartment Problems (don’t worry, Janel has moved since the recording). You’re Welcome!

Episode 16: Rich Swenor, Jake Davis and Janel save Christmas.

Rich, Jake, and Janel talk about their individual Christmas traditions and then start one of their own! Join us in holiday-themed imagination land as we venture to save Christmas from the evil Krampus. Jake generously created this D&D style story for Rich and Janel to explore, enjoy, and ruin (just a little bit).

Thanks for listening and a Very Merry Happy Holiday to all of you!

Episode 15: Russ Wagner and Janel are very merry.

Join Russ Wagner (of The Reptilian and of being a cool guy) and Janel in a slightly holiday-themed beer-fueled chat about conspiracy theories10 years of the ReptilianHouse Shows, and Religion. We also play “Russ’s Level of Caring” which includes conversations of Christmas MerrimentHigh Animals, and Not Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse.

So many topics! Longest Episode yet!

Also, Janel wants to preemptively apologize for saying “Tendrils” about 5 times this episode.

Episode 14: Robert Jenkins and Janel want 9 black women on the supreme court.

I’m so excited to come back after this brief hiatus with my conversation with Robert Jenkins. If you didn’t know, Robert is a comedian and a lawyer, which means he is basically the funniest and smartest person in any room. But for two funny people, this is one serious episode. In this episode we dig into Politics and Comedy and then back to Politics. Spoiler: We’re not trump fans.

Want more Robert?? Of course you do, check out his website for stand up dates and other stuff.

Episode 13: RosaLee Ward and Janel talk about men, but not in the way you think.

RosaLee Ward and Janel had a lot to talk about, so much that they kept talking for 2 hours after the recording ended. This conversation is heavy in the serious stuff, but also heavy in heart. Jump into the deep end of living without Health InsuranceMangosMasculinity, Orlando BloomCouples’ Urination, andthe ins and outs of LOVE.

Episode 12: Blake Eason and Janel are a couple of baby-face nerds.

You may know Blake Eason from his fantastic character design and portrait work. If you don’t then check out his website IMMEDIATELY!

But really, this guy is cool, and very gracious to let Janel do most of the talking on this episode. Listen to these nerds chat about Full Figure Body RepresentationTime TravelSpidermanCelebrity, and Siblings.

Episode 11: Janet Wells shares with Janel her wisdom for a life full of love and learning.

Janet Wells is 80 years old, and she is my grandmother. She is a former kindergarten teacher, and throughout her lifetime has explored many forms of artistic expression including painting, weaving, knitting, pottery, quilting & more.  She is one of the strongest and most passionate women I know and I am so pleased to share some of her with the rest of you. The day before we recording this my boyfriend proposed to me in the presence of my grandma and her husband Ben. Listen for her lessons on LoveParenting, and having a Fulfilling Retirement.

Episode 10: Cecilia Taylor and Janel are only young once, YOYO.

Kick off your jaded perspective on “the Universe” and consider with us that everything happens for a reason, whether it is being rear-ended or feeling, like, majorly bummed out. For this shorter edition of Janel’s Best Friends, Artist and Instagram’s “Presh Frincess” Cecilia Taylor and Janel question their generation, human existence, and American’s president. Other subjects addressed: Hit & RunsLisa FrankMercury in Retrograde, and good advice for the Solar Eclipse.

Also, Janel’s rising sign is Cancer, not Taurus.

Episode 9: Ashley Stommen and Janel say no to bad dick.

Ashley Stommen knows about sex… and Power Rangers. Basically those two things equally. She is a power-house ass-kicking femme queen comedian who hosts a multitude of stand up comedy shows in Kalamazoo. Regularly you can find her co-hosting Tuesday Open Mic Night at Jack White’s favorite bar, Louie’s Trophy House Grill.  Enjoy these two fast talking, quip slinging ladies’ thoughts on Siamese TwinsKalamazoo ComedyBoobsCosplay, and Anthony Michael Hall.